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Artist Statement

人と人との繋がりをテーマに製作しているFestaシリーズの新作。 今回はシリーズ初の試みで背景のみに着彩。 背景色は1色ずつすべて違う配色で着彩している。 同じ色に見える色も赤みが強かったり黄身がつよかったり。 色・デザイン・かたち…そして自分へのラベリング。 選ばれる事に慣れたり選ばれる事に価値があるとおもうこともあるが、結局は自分が選ぶ・自分が決めてもいいんだと言う事を忘れないように。 

This is the latest work in my Festa series, which is about the connections between people. 

This time, in a first for the series, I colored only the background. Every single color in the background is a different color. Even the colors that look similar actually vary in the strength of their reds, or their yellows. 

Color, design, form…and what one labels oneself. 

We grow accustomed to things being chosen for us, and sometimes I think there is value in things being chosen for us, but let us not forget that, in the end, we are allowed to choose for ourselves, to decide for ourselves.

ivokuma いぼくま




2010年より相方のkurokuma miccoとアートユニット・KUMAKANを結成。


2019年よりTree Tree Ishinomaki の林貴俊氏とStromboliesを結成。


ivokuma was born in Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture, and currently resides there. As a hobby she creates illustrations, related goods, and original short animations. In 2010, she formed the art unit KUMAKAN with her partner kurokuma micco. Under that name, they hold exhibitions, workshops, live events, and make wall murals. In 2019, she formed Strombolies with Takatoshi Hayashi of Tree Tree Ishinomaki. As she takes part in the painting of Ishinomaki kokeshi, she is expanding her field of work.