CES and CREES faculty associate and professor of history Brian Porter-Szucs blog post on “Eyes on Europe”:

 Poland’s New Patriotism

"Both the Polish and the international press billed Tuesday’s match between Russia and Poland as a symbolically loaded contest between two long-standing, if not eternal foes.  The historical allusions were as abundant as the images of soccer balls that now adorn virtually every advertisement for every imaginable product here in Warsaw.  And there’s no doubt that this was the Big Game, bigger even than the UM-OSU matchups that we know so well in Ann Arbor."

Professor Porter-Szucs is at this moment in Poland, and was kind to blog about Euro 2012 - UEFA European Football Championship for us. The UEFA European Football Championship is one of the world’s biggest sporting events. The final tournament of the Europe Cup 2012 is held in Poland and Ukraine, featuring 16 nations. The tournament started on June 8t, with the kick-off in Warsaw (Poland). http://www.uefa.com/uefaeuro/

Brian Porter-Szucs is the Thurnau Professor of History, and President of the Polish Studies Association at the University of Michigan.