Blog post by Despina Margomenou, Lecturer in the Modern Greek Program of the Department of Classical Studies, Research Associate at the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, and Faculty Associate of the Center for European Studies, University of Michigan.

Living Greeks and Those Long Dead Ones: Greek Heritage in Times of Crisis

"The New York Times June 11, 2012 report on the dire state of Greek antiquities and heritage protection entitled “Greek Antiquities, Long Fragile, Are Endangered by Austerity” accurate though it is, suffers from really bad timing. That same week, the Greek media announced that cancer patients in the public health care system (the majority of patients) would receive no treatment for sometime due to a shortage in chemotherapy drugs and that many hospitals are forced to cancel operations. Apples and oranges one might say; besides any comparison of the two reports intimates an inclination towards populist rhetoric. Still, it is inevitable not to wonder if in times of bankruptcy and political uncertainty a report about long dead Greeks should outweigh a report about living ones."

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