CES congratulates graduate and undergraduate students recipients of the 2012 awards.

Recipients of the 2012 Jean Monnet Graduate Fellowship:
Aleksandar Boškovic, PhD Slavic Languages & Literatures, “Photopoetry Children's Book: Serbian Surrealism in Comparison with French.” Srinivas "Chinnu" Parinandi, PhD Political Science, “Burdens of Centralization? Carbon Policy Innovation in the (De)Centralizing European Union.” Molly Saunders-Scott, PhD Economics, “A Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base in the EU: Incentives for Enforcement.” Natalie Smolenski, PhD Anthropology/History, “Does Europe Exist? The Response of the Catholic Church in Poland to European Integration.”

Fellowships are awarded to U-M graduate students for research on European Studies with support from U-M’s CES, Copernicus Endowment, Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies, and WCED.

Recipients of the 2012 CES Summer Grant for Research and Internship in Europe:
Jessica Beck, PhD Anthropology (Portugal); Virginia Black, MUP Architecture & Urban Planning(France); Ari Brown, BS Computer Science (Finland); Judy Lindsay Brown, MFA Dance (Portugal/ France/Germany/Austria); Ivan Cangemi, PhD Anthropology/Classical Art and Archaeology (Italy); Rebecca Cao, BA Romance Languages & Literatures/CICS (France); Jenny Castano, MPH Public Health (Spain); Dwanna Crain, PhD Classical Art and Archaeology (Romania); Natania Hortsch, BSE Material Science & Engineering (Germany); Kirsten Kortebein, BA German (Germany); Leonora Lucaj, BA Psychology (Spain); Masha Shulkin, BS Neuroscience (France); Kylee Stair, BA CICS/French(France); Nikolas Sweet, PhD Anthropology(France).

Fellowships are awarded to U-M graduate  and undergraduate students with support from U-M’s CES, and WCED.