Daniel Iddrisu, who graduated from the MIRS program in December 2021, recently published a paper based on his thesis research with his U-M advisor, Professor Cheryl Moyer. Their paper appeared in the Malaria Journal and is available through open access at this link. Congratulations, Daniel! See below for the full bibliographic information of the article.

Iddrisu, Daniel & Cheryl A. Moyer. 2022. Using the Ghana malaria indicator survey to understand the difference between female and male-headed households and their prevention and testing for malaria among children under 5. Malaria Journal 21, 112. https://doi.org/10.1186/s12936-022-04135-4

Ernesta Cole, who just completed her first year in the MIRS program, also had an opportunity to share her research. On April 1, Ernesta was one of four MIRS students (and the only first-year MIRS student) to present her research as part of the International Institute’s “Graduate Student Lightning Talk” series. Ernesta’s presentation was titled “Indigenous language and the written expression in Sierra Leone: a comparison with English”, and focused on her research on the status of Krio, the indigenous Creole language of Sierra Leone, in relation to English as the official language of the country. Ernesta plans to continue her research on this topic over the summer with support from ASC’s student summer funding program, and eventually pursue related research as part of a PhD program in either linguistics or linguistic anthropology. You can watch Ernesta’s presentation here, starting at timestamp 32:40. Congratulations, Ernesta!