Red Flag Unfurled: Historians, the Russian Revolution, and the Soviet Experience (London and New York: Verso Books, 2017)

Author: Ronal Grigor Suny, William H. Sewell, Jr. Distinguished University Professor of History and Professor of Political Science.

Reflecting on the fate of the Russian Revolution one hundred years after October, Red Flag Unfurled: Historians, the Russian Revolution, and the Soviet Experience explores the historiographical controversies over 1917, Stalinism, and the end of “Communism,” and provides an assessment of the achievements, costs, losses and legacies of the choices made by Soviet leaders.

The Charity of War: Famine, Humanitarian Aid, and World War I inthe Middle East (Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 2017).

Author: Melanie Tanileian, Assistant Professor of History.

The Charity of War tells how the Ottoman home front grappled with total war and how it sought to mitigate starvation and sickness through relief activities. It examines the wartime famine's reverberations throughout the community: in Beirut's municipal institutions, in its philanthropic and religious organizations, in international agencies, and in the homes of the city's residents. This local history reveals a dynamic politics of provisioning that was central to civilian experiences in the war, as well as to the Middle Eastern political landscape that emerged post-war.