In recent years, the history of medicine, mental illness, and the literary, anthropological, and sociological studies of madness have gained a remarkable momentum internationally. Still, there have been virtually no substantial studies of a premodern and modern understanding of medicine, madness, and maladies of the mind in Armenia and its Diaspora. This interdisciplinary workshop aims to interrogate the stories of both medical and psychiatric sciences as well as that of the concept of madness in Armenian political, historical, literary, and cultural discussions in the past and present.

The Center for Armenian Studies invites early-career scholars (graduate students or those who defended their dissertations in the last three years) who critically employ concepts of madness and mental illnesses in their work on Armenian history, society, and culture. The aim is to bring together a group of scholars from a broad range of disciplines. These include but are not limited to history, science, medicine and technology studies, psychology, anthropology, literature, political science, gender and sexuality studies, sociology, art history, film studies, and cultural studies.

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