Demonstrations in Cairo, civil war in Syria, and violence in Palestine have been in the news almost daily in the last months. Wondering why? Asking yourself what is the history that led up to this? This new and exciting introductory course will answer your questions! 

This introductory survey will discuss key historical developments that shaped the societies, states and economies of the Middle East as we see it today. Using an array of sources ranging from academic articles, films, to graphic novel we will explore topics such as colonialism, anti-colonial nationalist struggles, the creation of Middle Eastern nations, regional conflicts as well as the role of the US in the region. We will look at the political history, but also will spend time studying the everyday lives of ordinary people.  Most importantly, it will teach you the necessary analytical skills to contextualize and better understand current political events in the region. 

 *** This course meets the Social Science Requirement 

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