NEW course offered in Winter 2013:

AAPTIS 491.002 Topics in Arabic, Armenian, Persian, Turkish, and Islamic Studies: Introduction to Armeno-Turkish. Instructor: Cankara, Murat. (3 credits)

The objective of this course is to familiarize students with a long-forgotten and marginalized phenomenon, Armeno-Turkish (Turkish written in the Armenian script), and to place this phenomenon in its historical and social context. Throughout the course, a) the historical context into which Armeno-Turkish was born will be introduced; b) facts and figures will be presented; c) theoretical frameworks and concepts that can be used to explain Armeno-Turkish will be discussed; d) the variety of texts in question will be considered and some will be covered in detail; e) recent scholarship on the subject will be introduced. Overall, the course aims to stimulate interest in and encourage further scholarship of Armeno-Turkish.