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State-Building & Policy-Making in an Independent Armenia


10:00 am. - Conference Opening
Prof. Charles King
, Georgetown University
A General Overview


10:30-12:00- Foreign Policy and Security Issues
Chair: Prof. Peter Sinnott, Columbia University

Dr. Richard Giragosian, Washington, D.C.

“Repositioning Armenian Security and Foreign Policy within a Region at Risk”
Arman Grigorian, Columbia University/Wesleyan University

“The Karabakh Conflict and Competing Perspectives on Armenia’s Grand Strategy”
Taline Papazian, Ph.D. student, Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris

“ Foreign Policy and Political Elites”


1:30-3:00 pm. -  Domestic and Political Policy
Chair: Aram Arkun, Armenian Center at Columbia University

Prof. Gerard J. Libaridian, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

“Tracking State, Nation, and Democracy-Building”
Arus Harutyunyan, Ph.D. student, Western Michigan State University

“Dual Citizenship Debates in Armenia: In persuit of National Identity Since Independence”

Dr. Marina Kurkchyan, Wolfson College, Oxford, United Kingdom

“Investing in Human Capital as an Aspect of Security”


3:30-5:00pm. - Economic Policy

Chair: Gerard Libaridian, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Hrand Bagratyan, Prime Minster, Republic of Armenia (1993-1996)

“Armenia in Transition: Adaption to the New Economic Values”
Armand Sarian, Economist, Paris, France; Economic Advisor to the Armenian Government (1993-1996)

“Economic Challenges to Armenia’s Independence”
Armen Martirosyan, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Armenia to the United Nations (2004-presenet)

“Economic Performance, Institution-Building, and the State”
Saumya Mitra, Lead Economist, World Bank

“The Road to the South Caucasian Tiger”