NEW COURSE: EURO 600.001 Teaching European History after the Global Turn

By Natasa Gruden-Alajbegovic
Nov 15, 2012 Bookmark and Share


NEW curricular opportunity for graduate students interested in interdisciplinary research on modern Europe.This certificate is intended primarily for graduate students in LSA departments and professional schools.

Offered Winter 2013: EURO 600.001/HIST 698.001 Proseminar in European Studies. “Teaching European History After the Global Turn.”
Wed, 10 am - 1 pm. Instructor: Joshua Cole. (3 credits)

This course explores the ways that transnational perspectives have changed the way historians think of “European” history. It aims for a wide audience of
graduate students who expect to be responsible for teaching European history, without always being specialists in this field. The course will have a broadly
chronological structure, paying close attention to the following themes: the "Atlantic World," the Industrial Revolution, European imperialisms in the
"Democratic Age," European integration in the era of decolonization and the Cold War, and European integration after 1989.

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