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The international studies major offers students the opportunity to take a set of courses across disciplines to bring multiple methods and concepts together to address global problems. The major draws on methods developed in specific disciplines such as economics, sociology, psychology, comparative literature, political science, anthropology, and history.

The international studies major alone is a complete and well-rounded curriculum, but students often elect to pursue a double major, pairing an international studies degree with one in business, economics, language study, education, political science, or any other complementary field in which one might hope or expect to develop a globally-oriented career.

Degree Requirements

With the option to take courses across more than a dozen disciplines, international studies majors have a great deal of latitude in constructing their programs of study. Nevertheless, there are several requirements to keep in mind.

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Academic Advising

Interested in discussing a concentration in international studies? Browse our frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the major, visit our advising page to learn about upcoming information sessions, or make an appointment to meet with a PICS advisor.