Student Organizations


International Studies Student Council (ISSC)

The Program in International and Comparative Studies (PICS) manages the International Studies Program at the University of Michigan. The International Studies Student Council (ISSC) is a board consisting of four officers who are elected each year to represent student interests within the program. They created and maintain the international studies concentrators Facebook group and a Google calendar of events relevant to students interested in international studies.Now available also is a Linked in group where concentrators and alums can keep in touch and network.





Student Council 2015-2016: 


Co-Presidents: Emily Jablonski and Cristobal Galen

Vice President: Jordan Solano-Reed

Secretaries: Clara Ceccanti

Treasurer: Sylvanna Gross



Culture of Medicine Club

The Culture of Medicine Club looks at the intimate relationship between ethics, culture and medicine and aims to spread awareness about cultural competence in health care professions. For more information, visit the facebook page. 


Michigan Journal of International Affairs (MJIA)

MJIA was founded as a completely student-run, undergraduate publication at the University of Michigan. Each semester, MJIA publishes opinion-based pieces pertaining to international affairs in the areas of politics, history, economics, and culture. Writers author pieces across five different regions (Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East) and are actively involved in the entire process, from editing to final distribution. MJIA also serves as a platform for discussions concerning global affairs, and every year the Journal organizes panel meetings to analyze a specific international issue from the past few months. 


Sigma Iota Rho: International Studies Honor Society