Books for Peaceful Purposes

Apply for Chinese teaching resources through Books for Peaceful Purposes (BPP), a Lieberthal-Rogel Center for Chinese Studies (LRCCS) educational outreach fellowship that allows teachers to self select materials for their specific pedagogical needs.

In an era of globalization and a burgeoning interest in China, teachers need up-to-date curriculum resources to meet language, literature and world history standards. Choose books, film, and media for the classroom that promote the knowledge and understanding of greater China.  In exchange for book awards, we ask recipients to provide bibliographies and/or lesson ideas which can be shared with other teachers in a growing network of Asia-educators and leaders in the field.

Qualified educators can receive funding grants for teaching materials through Books for Peaceful Purposes totaling up to $300.00 each academic year. BPP applications will be evaluated once in the Fall (deadline October 21) and once in the Spring (deadline March 31).  Teachers may submit up to two applications in any given academic year if they do not exceed the full $300.  Book orders will be processed only at these times—additional titles or materials are welcomed for consideration but will not be processed intermittently throughout the year.

How to Apply

E-mail the application form to the Center for Chinese Studies or send to Coordinator of Student Services, Carol Stepanchuk,, Lieberthal-Rogel Center for Chinese Studies, University of Michigan, 1080 South University Ave. Suite 4668, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1106.

If you cannot access the application form, please  provide the following information and send to the address above:

  • Name of your school
  • Contact information including phone number(s) and e-mail address(es)
  • List of materials you would like to purchase (include titles, authors, dates, prices, and possible sources.)

The purchase of these materials will be handled by the Center for Chinese Studies.