• Robert Adams

    Associate Professor of Architecture

    Contemporary forms of urbanism and architecture in the rapid urbanization in China and its effects on design; construction practices and material culture in the United States734.763.6023 / robadams@umich.edu

  • Yuen Yuen Ang

    Yuen Yuen Ang

    Assistant Professor of Political Science


  • Shuming Bao

    Director, China Data Center

    734.647.9610 / sbao@umich.edu

  • William Baxter

    William Baxter

    Associate Professor of Chinese Language and Linguistics 5163 STB

    Specializes in historical linguistics. His recent publications deal with the history of Chinese and its dialects, linguistic approaches to early Chinese literature, and the methodology of historical linguistics.734.763.3704 / wbaxter@umich.edu

  • Brose_Ben

    Benjamin Brose

    Assistant Professor of Chinese Buddhism 6151 STB

    734.763.7888 / bbrose@umich.edu

  • Miranda Brown

    Miranda Brown

    Professor of Chinese Studies 5155 STB

    Premodern China; early imperial political culture, the history of the family, and the history and historiography of Chinese science.734.615.7036 / mdbrown@umich.edu

  • Jing Cai

    Jing Cai

    Assistant Professor of Economics 365A Lorch Hall

    734-764-0241 / caijing@umich.edu

  • Pär Cassel

    Pär Cassel

    CCS Associate Director
    Associate Professor of History
    2526 Haven Hall

    Late imperial and modern China; legal and institutional history of China; Sino-Japanese relations.734.647.4868 / cassel@umich.edu

  • Chun-shu Chang

    Professor of History 1757 Haven Hall

    Premodern Chinese history and civilization, classical Chinese and Chinese linguistics, traditional Chinese literature, and Chinese legal history734.763.2294 / cschang@umich.edu

  • Christian de Pee

    Christian de Pee

    Associate Professor of History 2749 Haven Hall

    Tang-Song-Yuan China, representations of imperial power, text and writing, archaeology734.763.6968 / cdepee@umich.edu

  • landeng

    Lan Deng

    Associate Professor


  • San Duanmu

    San Duanmu

    Professor of Linguistics

    Chinese linguistics, phonology and phonetics; languages of the world and general linguistics.734-764-6308 / duanmu@umich.edu

  • Susan Erickson

    Susan Erickson

    Professor: Literature, Philosophy, and The Arts; UM Dearborn

    Chinese archaeology, Chinese art, art history and Asian art313-593-5433 / suerick@umich.edu

  • Liangyu Fu

    Liangyu Fu

    Chinese Studies Librarian

    734.936.2353 / liangyuf@umich.edu

  • Mary Gallagher

    Mary Gallagher

    Director, Associate Professor of Political Science

    Chinese politics, comparative politics of developing and transitional states, law and social change and research design.metg@umich.edu

  • Nicholas Howson

    Professor of Law, Michigan Law School

    Chinese law and legal institutions, and corporate and securities law734.615.2892 / nhowson@umich.edu

  • S.E. Kile

    Postdoctoral Fellow, Chinese Literature 6159 STB

    734.763.9178 / kiles@umich.edu

  • Joseph Lam

    Professor of Musicology
    Director, Confucius Institute at U-M

    Chinese music, music history and ethnomusicology734.647.9471 / jsclam@umich.edu

  • Dawn Lawson

    Dawn Lawson

    Head, Asia Library 418-A Hatcher North

    734-936-2353 / delawson@umich.edu

  • Kening Li

    Kening Li

    Head, Chinese Language Program
    Lecturer III in Chinese


  • Professor Lydia Li

    Lydia Li

    Associate Professor of Social Work

    Stress and adaptation process of family caregivers; dynamics of physical and mental health, formal and informal care of community-living frail elders; and psychological well-being and long-term care of older adults in China.734.936.4850 / lydiali@umich.edu

  • Jersey Liang

    Professor of Public Health

    Social gerontology and medical sociology734.936.1303 / jliang@umich.edu

  • Louisa Lim

    Louisa Lim

    Howard R. Marsh Visiting Professor in Journalism 5369 North Quad

    734.615.4038 / limlc@umich.edu

  • Linda Lim

    Linda Lim

    Professor of Corporate Strategy and International Business, Stephen M. Ross School of Business

    734.763.0290 / lylim@umich.edu

  • Silvia Lindtner

    Silvia Lindtner

    Assistant Professor of Information, School of Information


  • delittle.jpg

    Daniel Little

    Chancellor, U-M Dearborn


  • Liu Wei

    Wei Liu

    Lecturer and Director of the Chinese Language Program 5024 STB

    734.764.9108 / weilyao@umich.edu

  • Donald Lopez

    Donald S. Lopez Jr.

    Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Buddhist Studies 6111 STB

    Indian and Tibetan Buddhism, Tibetan history, Tibetan language734.615.1331 / dlopez@umich.edu

  • Kevin Miller

    Professor of Education

    The nature and sources of early mathematical and literacy development, on cross-cultural similarities and differences in academic learning and performance, and on utilizing video records to engage teachers with issues of instructional practice734.615.1800 / kevinmil@umich.edu

  • Erik Mueggler

    Erik Mueggler

    Professor of Anthropology 204-A West Hall

    Religion, memory, ideology, state, power, gender; China, minorities in China734.763.4026 / mueggler@umich.edu

  • SAC Nornes

    Abé Markus Nornes

    Chair of the Dept. of Screen Arts and Cultures 5123 STB

    Teaches Asian cinema, specializing in the film and video of China and Japan.734.647.2093 / amnornes@umich.edu

  • dporter_print_quality.jpg

    David Porter

    Professor of Comparative Literature
    Professor of English

    Eighteenth-century studies, comparative early modernities, East/West studies and material culture.dporter@umich.edu

  • Martin Powers

    Martin Powers

    Professor of the History of Art 120A Tappan Hall

    Sally Michelson Davidson Professor of Chinese Arts and Cultures. His research focuses on the role of the arts in the history of human relations in China, with an emphasis on issues of personal agency and social justice.734.764.5402 / mpow@umich.edu

  • David Rolston

    Associate Professor of Chinese Literature

    Traditional Chinese fiction, especially the Jinpingmei, Rulin waishi, and traditional Chinese criticism of the novel; Peking opera734.647.2097 / drolston@umich.edu

  • Bright Sheng

    Bright Sheng

    Leonard Bernstein Distinguished University Professor of Music Composition; Composer, Conductor and Pianist

    pianist and percussionist; folk music; music composition734.647.9413 / bsheng@umich.edu

  • Xiaobing Tang

    Xiaobing Tang

    Helmut F. Stern Professor of Modern Chinese Studies and Comparative Literature 6016 STB

    Twentieth-century Chinese literature, and engages in a wide range of genres, periods, and theories.734.647.9842 / maxtang@umich.edu

  • Twila Tardif

    Twila Tardif

    Professor of Psychology

    Primary research interests are in exploring early language learning in Mandarin and the relations between caregivers' beliefs and their interactions with young children.734.764.2443 / twila@umich.edu

  • arlandt.jpg

    Arland Thornton

    Professor of Sociology

    Study of family and demographic issues, with a particular emphasis on marriage, cohabitation, divorce, childbearing, intergenerational relations, and gender roles.734.615.3542 / arlandt@umich.edu

  • Wilcox, Emily

    Emily Wilcox

    Assistant Professor of Modern Chinese Studies 5159 STB

    734.647.5628 / eewilcox@umich.edu

  • Xun (Brian)Wu

    Xun (Brian) Wu

    Assistant Professor of Strategy


  • Hongwei Xu

    Hongwei Xu

    Research Assistant Professor
    Survey Research Center
    Institute for Social Research
    426 Thompson St, ISR 2459

    734.615.3552 / xuhongw@umich.edu

  • Ming Xu

    Ming Xu

    School of Natural Resources and Environment (SNRE)

    734.763.8644 / mingxu@umich.edu

  • Wang Zheng

    Wang Zheng

    Associate Professor, Department of Women's Studies, LSA
    Associate Research Scientist, Institute for Research on Women and Gender
    2156 Lane Hall

    Women and gender in modern China
    History of feminism in China
    Gender and socialist state formation
    Gender and post-socialist transformations
    Feminist NGOs in contemporary China
    734.763.6635 / wangzhen@umich.edu