K-12 Materials

Quechua workshop during World Language Week
at Hartland High School, February 17, 2012

Our K-12 professional development effort is guided by three principles: co-development and co-presentation with teachers; content tie-in with Michigan state curriculum benchmarks; and professional development for teachers through partnership with school districts.  LACS assists in curriculum development focusing on Latin America and the Caribbean for K-12 educators.

LACS also works closely with the University Musical Society to promote performances of world-class artists at U-M and community educational programs focused on Latin America and the Caribbean.  The performances are usually accompanied by a set of education seminars, K-12 teacher workshops, visits to classrooms in the region, master classes, public interviews, or round-table presentations (with participation of performers in most events), organized by LACS and UMS staff.

The following is a small selection of the web sites that, in our judgment, may prove useful for students and teachers in middle schools and high schools who want to find good information on some of the key issues in Latin American and Caribbean studies.

General / Introductory Sites

Sites for people who are just beginning with their interest in Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Environmental Issues

Politics and Human Rights