Islamic Studies Minor

The Islamic Studies Program (ISP) offers an interdisciplinary academic minor to students who wish to a) better understand the history and culture of the Islamic religion and Muslim societies and b) gain insight into the political, economic, and social transitions taking place in this field.

This is the only academic program at U-M with a sole focus on Islam. The focus of this academic minor is not restricted to a single world region and does not have any prerequisites.




At least 16 credits, selected in consultation with and approved by the ISP undergraduate academic advisor, from the following:

  • AAPTIS 262 (Introduction to Islam)
  • Four additional courses on Islam or on Muslim societies
    • At least two courses which must be 300-level or above
    • At least two 3-credit courses covering two of the following regions:
      • Central Asia
      • East and Southeast Asia
      • Europe and the Americas
      • South Asia
      • Middle East and North Africa
      • Sub-Saharan Africa

Islamic Studies Minor Requirement Worksheet

Fall 2015 ISP Course List
Winter 2015 ISP Course List


Students will be required to formulate a coherent academic minor plan in consultation with the Islamic Studies advisor; the plan formulated will reflect an interdisciplinary and cross-regional approach to the subject of Islam. 

Appointments can be made using the LSA Advising Appointment System. Visit the International Institute website for more about undergraduate advising.

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