Grantee Testimonials

Fulbright U.S. Student Grantees


Anna Clark getting to know the locals at Mamba Village in Karen, Kenya. While Mamba Village is a crocodile farm, it is also home to tortoises like this one--a mkondo, or, a leopard tortoise.


Anna Clark

"I decided to apply for a Fulbright because I was interested in ... taking more risks with my writing and my life. I wanted to engage in a country with an emerging literary culture." Learn more.


Luce Scholars

Chris McLaurin

Chris McLaurin

"The [Luce scholarship] will give McLaurin the opportunity to further expand his experience in social policy and law, and to 'gain exposure to leaders who are dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged populations in their corner of the world'.” Learn more.


David L. Boren Graduate Fellows

Bobby Poulson-Houser

Bobby Poulson-Houser

“The Boren Fellowship is a wonderful opportunity to gain experience in a new language and familiarity with another culture. Learn more.


International Institute Individual Fellowship

Kevin Boehnke IIIF

Kevin traveled to Lima, Peru, and worked on finding the source of H. pylori contamination in the municipal water supply.

Kevin Boehnke

“This work will provide valuable information for both the field of public health and for governments worldwide, emphasizing the importance of clean water quality and the necessity of investing in the infrastructure needed to provide potable water.” Lean more.

Josh Bogus IIIF

Joshua worked with the National Ambulance Service, under the Ministry of Health in Ghana.

Joshua Bogus

“The most valuable part of my experience was learning to manage a project and relationships between international partners.” Learn more.


While conducting research in Ecuador, Georgia Ennis worked in a low-income area of Quito.

Georgia Ennis

“Being in the field was often very humbling and sometimes frustrating, but after each interview I walked away with new questions, as well as some unexpected answers.” Learn more.


Sean Hoskins traveled to Europe to conduct research and study on dance-related topics and techniques. He studied under prominent choreographers, attended workshops to learn more about the dance form of Contact Improvisation, and pursued geographical themes as a means to inspire and shape his choreography.


Sean Hoskins

“This fellowship experience allowed me to expand my abilities as a dance performer and improviser.” Learn more.

Ashley Mulcahy

Ashley researched Renaissance and Baroque vocal music in Italy.

Ashley Mulcahy

“The opportunity to pursue an independent research project proved to be an incredibly beneficial learning method for me.” Learn more.

Kritika Rajan

Kritika spent a month in Kolkata, India, interning with Jeevika.

Kritika Rajan

“This fellowship caused me to re-evaluate my place in the world and how I view things.” Learn more.


Joshua Schlachet conducted research at the Museum Volkenkunde in Leiden, The Netherlands. His research focused on styles used by three Dutch collectors to gather Japanese ethnographic objects in the early nineteenth century.

Joshua Schlachet

“My research experience especially taught me that we must always understand international history as deeply interconnected and never be satisfied to look solely within the borders of our country or area of study.” Learn more.

Eleanor Stewart

Eleanor Stewart participated in a nursing internship with a local Malawian hospital where she spent time working in the outpatient clinic, pediatric ward, maternity ward, and female ward.

Eleanor Stewart

“My trip to Malawi was everything, and more, that I expected it was going to be. I truly got an accurate picture of healthcare in Malawi and the most prevalent illnesses there.” Learn more.


Ariel Taivalkoski spent two months working on archaelogical excavations in Italy.

Ariel Taivalkoski

“Participating in excavations in Pompeii and Sardinia greatly helped in my development as an archaeologist.” Learn more.