International Institute Conference Travel Grants

Description: The International Institute Conference Travel Grants provide supplemental travel support for graduate and professional school students who are presenting papers at conferences in the U.S.A. and its territories. Papers must be on international or area studies topics, and must have been selected by a juried process. Students may apply each year for one travel support grant of up to $300.

Eligibility Criteria: Grants are available to graduate students for travel to make presentations at area studies meetings, annual disciplinary meetings, and similar conferences and workshops. No support will be given for participation on non-juried panels or on juried panels that include more than two University of Michigan students.

Application Deadline & Submission: Applications must be received at least four weeks in advance of planned travel and include:

  • A letter of request.
  • Documentation confirming formal participation in the conference as well as a list of panel members.
  • A budget, including other sources of funding sought and/or confirmed.
  • An International Institute Student Funding Request Cover Sheet: Download Document

Contact: Beni,, 734-764-0441