About Us

Encouraging Communication through the
International Language of the Arts

The Center for World Performance Studies (CWPS) at the University of Michigan International Institute was established in 2000 to serve the needs of faculty and a student body with an interest in the discipline of performance studies. The inaugural celebration in early 2001 filled the halls of the International Institute with music, song, and dance as visiting and University campus faculty, scholars and performance artists participated in the formal opening of the center.

Since that time, CWPS has worked toward uniting artists, performers, scholars, and the community through the international language of the arts. To achieve this goal, the center annually funds student and faculty events such as seminars, roundtables, public lectures, demonstrations, and performances. CWPS also facilitates an Artist Residency Program that brings international artists to campus. This program leaves international footprints, as artists and students alike share their unique experiences, new performance styles, and research findings with the university community.

CWPS is currently in the process of establishing a Graduate Certificate in World Performance Studies. This summer, CWPS will open funding for faculty interested in pursuing summer research projects related to World Performance Studies. In the past, CWPS has funded Graduate Student Residencies and Faculty Sponsored Artist in Residences.