Student Groups

The University of Michigan student body is active and dynamic, and each year there are hundreds of  student organizations devoted to a variety of different causes.  Southeast Asian organizations on campus range from those dedicated to heritage and culture, Asian-American experiences, and activities and events for Southeast Asian students on campus. 

We are lucky to have multiple long-lasting and well-organized groups on campus which regularly offer performances, food from their home region, and cultural nights open to the public, and CSEAS is proud to support these events.

Among these organizations are:

Filipino-American Student Association

Indonesian Students Association (Perhimpunan Mahasiswa Indonesia, PERMIAS)

Malaysian Students Association

Michigan Cambodian Association

Singapore Students Association

Thai Student Association

Vietnamese Student Association

Please search the University of Michigan's student organization database, Maize Pages, to find the group you are interested in.  In addition, you can check our calendar for upcoming events.