UM-DU Undergraduate Research Program

Call for Student Participation: Delhi University Innovation Projects

The Center for South Asian Studies is pleased to announce the opportunity for UM undergraduate students to participate in Delhi University Innovation Projects. This is a research opportunity for UM students. Through this program students will participate this semester, from Ann Arbor, in an interdisciplinary research project being conducted by student-faculty teams at Delhi University in India. Participating students will have an opportunity to go to India this summer to meet with their Indian research team. Students must register for UC 170, section 3, a 1-credit course in independent research.

The program entails the following:

  • Independent research in Ann Arbor in the latter half of the Winter 2014 semester (March 10–April 18)
  • Periodic meetings conducted via the internet with the team Principal Investigator (PI) in India (biweekly)
  • Periodic contact with your research team via the internet (weekly or biweekly)
  • Periodic contact with a faculty mentor at UM (as required)
  • All participants will have the opportunity to go to India for one week in the summer (to be scheduled sometime between May 15–July 15) to meet with their research team. Students will stay on campus, at Delhi University.
  • The cost for the trip to India is estimated at $2,400. Need-based funding is available, upon application.

To participate in the UM-Delhi University undergraduate research program, you must do the following:

  • Select a project that you want to work on independently from the list here.
  • Select a UM faculty advisor with whom you can consult about the project, and secure their agreement to provide mentoring. You can provide them with this sheet about what mentoring entails.
  • Faculty advisors will be responsible for assigning your Credit/No-Credit grade in the UC 170 based on your interaction with them.
  • Fill out the application form here by February 21.
  • Once admitted to the program, students will be given overrides to register for UC 170, section 3, Collaborative Research on India Innovation Projects.
  • Need-based funding for international travel will be available. Please fill out this form and submit it to Mike Ross in the Office of Financial Aid. His email is on the form. You can also contact him for questions. Section A of the form can be filled out and signed by Professor Farina Mir. Please email her at to make an appointment to get her signature.