CREES Fulbright-Hays Study Tour of Poland (July 2002)

Learning about Poland's 1000-year History

Fourteen teachers were selected through a competitive review as participants in a Fulbright-Hays Group Projects Abroad Study Tour of Poland from July 1-31, 2002. The program was sponsored by CREES with the support of a grant from the U.S. Department of Education's Fulbright-Hays Group Projects Abroad Program. Residents of Michigan, Indiana, and Pennsylvania, they ranged from 4th grade through University-level teachers, including department chairs; curriculum specialists; and social studies, geography, history, and language arts teachers. Sylvia Meloche (CREES) was the project developer and leader and was aided in Poland by her former student, Monika Ziobrowska, as translator.

Teacher-participants were required to create curriculum units for teaching their students about Poland and to share the units with others. Some units are available below. To aid in writing the units, while in Poland teachers purchased materials such as illustrated histories, maps, flags, regional handicrafts, classical/popular/folk music CDs, videos, short stories and novels, and books on religions and current events.

The group heard lectures by specialists on economics, education methodology, Poland's history, regional culture, religions, and Baltic Sea pollution and wildlife. They visited schools, colleges, and universities, talking with professors, teachers, and students and exchanging ideas on educational practices. Participants also had the opportunity to visit and dine with Poles in their private homes and were invited to a bonfire party at a home Lancut.

Among the highlights of the Study Tour were meeting Christopher Hill, U.S. Ambassador to Poland (see photo); visiting Warsaw's Jewish Museum, Auschwitz, and Birkenau; visiting the Shipyard Workers' Monument and the Solidarity Museum; joining highlanders in Zakopane in a regional folk dance; and visiting Jagiellonian University, Eastern Europe's second oldest university. Teachers' ideas about Poland and Poles underwent changes during the Study Tour. To quote one teacher, "We have the opportunity and materials to broaden students' and others' attitudes, and we can try to convey some of the aspects of [Poland's] rich thousand-year history."


Joanna Ackley - Social Studies Department Chair, John F. Kennedy High School, Taylor, MI
Laura Bourke Brodie - History Teacher, Hempfield Area Senior High School, Greensburg, P
Charles Gunnoe, Jr. - Professor of History, Aquinas College, Grant Rapids, MI
Lorraine Jakubielski - Professor of Education, Madonna University, Detroit, MI
Carol Ann Mohrlock - Slauson Middle School Teacher, Ann Arbor, MI
Susan Nash - 5th Grade Language and Social Studies Teacher, Neinas Elementary School, Detroit, MI
Linda Prieskorn - District Social Studies Coordinator and District Language Arts Coordinator, Pioneer High School, Ann Arbor, MI
Leslee Przygodski - English Teacher, Clippert Academy, Detroit, MI
Ellen Sapper - English Teacher, Pioneer High School, Ann Arbor, MI
Maureen Schoenherr - English Teacher, Davison High School, Flint, MI
Patricia Tarbet - Geography Teacher, Ring Lardner Middle School, Niles, MI
Scott Thobe - 7th Grade Teacher, Tappan Middle School, Ann Arbor, MI
Terra Webster -5th Grade Teacher, Angell Elementary, Ann Arbor, MI
Jennifer Zunk - CC Teacher, Airport High School, Niles, MI
Monika Ziobrowska Romaniuk - Assistant Tour Guide, Translator
Sylvia M. Meloche - Project Leader, Tour Director

Curriculum Units

Elementary School
Susan Nash - Survey of Poland
Terra Webster - Polish Studies Lesson Plans

Middle School
Carol Mohrlock - Poland Curriculum Unit
Leslee Przygodski - Comparing the Art of Cassatt & Boznanska
Scott Thobe - An Auschwitz Learning Box

High School
Joanna Ackley - Comparative Analysis of Polish and US Constitutions
Maureen Schoenher - The Pianist as Holocaust Instruction

Lorraine Jakubielski - Education Reform in a Changing Society: Poland
Charles Gunnoe, Jr.- Primo Levi's Survival at Auschwitz


Warsaw and Surrounding Area
(Photos by Sylvia M. Meloche unless otherwise noted.)

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