Degree Programs

Students can specialize in Polish studies within interdisciplinary undergraduate minor, bachelor's, master's, and graduate certificate programs in Russian, East European, and Eurasian studies.The Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures offers an undergraduate concentration in Polish and an academic minor in Polish language, literature, and culture. Students may also focus on Poland in selected minors and in bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degree programs in anthropology, business, economics, history, law, natural resources, political science, public policy, Slavic languages and literatures, and sociology.


The University of Michigan offers a range of courses on Polish culture, film, history, language, literature, politics, and society. These include semester-long courses as well as annual mini-courses on Polish culture (see below). For offerings in specific terms, see CREES courses.

Polish Courses

  • Comparative Literature 740 - Seminar in Major Authors: East European Poets in the West
  • History 331 - Poland in the Modern World
  • History 481 - Topics in European History
  • History 652 - Studies in East European History
  • International Business 568 - Business Issues in Transitional Economies
  • First-Fourth Year Polish Language
  • Polish 214 - Rock Poetry and Political Protest in Poland
  • Polish 215 - Heart of Europe: Poland Today
  • Polish 314 - Polish Cinema
  • Polish 325 - Polish Literature in the Nineteenth Century: Reading the Stateless Nation
  • Polish 326 - Polish Literature in English: 1890 to Present
  • Polish 450 - Directed Reading
  • Polish 525 - Early Polish Literature
  • Polish 526 - Polish Literature: 1890 to Present
  • Polish 621/622 - Directed Reading in Polish Literature
  • Political Science 342 - Eastern Europe: Revolution, Reaction and Reform
  • REEES 396 - East Central Europe: Nationalism, Socialism, Democracy
  • REEES 397 - Communism and Capitalism in Eastern Europe
  • REEES 410 - Polish Culture Mini-Course (see below)
  • Study Abroad 463 - CGIS: Central European Studies in Warsaw, Poland

Mini-Courses on Polish Culture

  • 2015: Polish Jazz in the Modern Era
  • 2012: The Lens of History: Holocaust Memory through the Films of Agnieszka Holland
  • 2012: Malinowski's Other Worlds: Journeys In and Out of Polish Cultural Production, Thomas Chivens
  • 2009: Eastern Europe Between the Soviet Union and the European Union, Piotr Westwalewicz and Anna Grzymala-Busse (PDF)
  • 2006-present: Revolution in the Attic: The Tradition of Polish Counter-Culture, Piotr Westwalewicz
  • 2004-present: Rock Kills Communism: Dismantling of the Totalitarian State in Poland, Piotr Westwalewicz
  • 2002: The Psychology of Ethnic Conflict: Poles, Jews, Ukrainians, Dr. John J. Hartman
  • 2000: Television and Political Socialization of Youth Under Totalitarianism and Democracy, Dr. Adam Fraczak
  • 1997: Resource Management of the Baltic Sea, Dr. Anna Szaniawska
  • 1996: Polish Film, 1945-1990, Tadeusz Sobolewski
  • 1995: Polish Music: Composers, Art, & Politics, 1944-1994, Dr. Danuta Gwizdalanka
  • 1994: Church, State, & Society in Democratic Poland, Dr. Marcin Król
  • 1993: The Search for Self-Identity in Polish Literature, Dr. Dorota Gostynska
  • 1992: The Intelligentsia & National Consciousness, Dr. Jerzy Jedlicki
  • 1991: Poland: Law & Constitutional Reform in the Post-Communist '90s, Dr. Zbigniew Solbolewski
  • 1990: Polish Art, Culture, & Politics from the 16th-18th Century, Dr. Tadeusz Chrzanowski
  • 1989: Polish Culture & Politics, Dr. Piotr Wandycz
  • 1988: Polish Literature & Culture in the 20th Century, Dr. Zdzislaw Najder

Study Abroad

Through the Center for Global and Intercultural Study, U-M students can earn in-residence credit for Polish language and area studies courses in semester- or academic-year study abroad at the CIEE Study Center at the Warsaw School of Economics. In previous years, CREES has offered short-term spring study tours (e.g., Encounters in Poland: Jews, Poles and Others, 2002; Many Polands: A History of Diversity in Northeastern Europe, 2005).