Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Academic Advising

Beginning fall 2015, advising for all undergraduate programs at the International Institute will take place at the International Institute/School of Social Work, 1080 South University Ave., Suite 2660. 

For more information and/or to schedule an appointment, please visit HERE;  for general inquiries about MENAS, contact cmenas@umich.edu

Undergraduate Programs

The interdisciplinary MENAS major and minor is designed to give students a broad background of the region. Faculty and courses are from departments within the College of Literature, Science and the Arts, and it is the combination and coordination between them that provides a wide base of knowledge of the past and present issues involving the region.

Major Requirements

The MENAS major requires a minimum of 30 credit hours be chosen in consultation with and approved by the MENAS advisor. Courses must be at least three (3) credit hours.  

Prerequisite: One (1) of the following first year language sequences [or the equivalent]:

  • Arabic: AAPTIS 101 and 102; AAPTIS 103 and 104
  • Armenian: AAPTIS 171 and 172; AAPTIS 181 and 182
  • Hebrew: HJCS 101 and 102
  • Persian: AAPTIS 141 and 142
  • Turkish: AAPTIS 151 and 152

Strongly Recommended:

  • AAPTIS 100: Peoples of the Middle East
  • AAPTIS 262/Religion 204: Introduction to Islam
  • History 241: America & Middle Eastern Wars

Required Courses:

  • Anthropology 409: Peoples of the Near East and North Africa
  • History 443: Modern Middle East and another 400-level (or higher) History course
  • Political Science 353: The Arab-Israeli Conflict or another 300/400-level Political Science course
  • One year of an appropriate language beyond first year
    ** Note: Arabic (AAPTIS 201 and 202) or one year colloquial Arabic (Egyptian or Levantine) may count. See advisor or Student Services for questions.
  • Two electives, selected in consultation with the Center advisor or from a Center approved course list, with appropriate Middle East content from the Departments of Anthropology, History, History of Art, Modern Middle East and North African Studies, Political Science, and Sociology.

Honors Major

Special arrangements may be made for qualified students to elect an honors major. Honors candidates undertake independent research for a senior’s honors thesis.  

Prospective honors majors should consult with the honors advisor before the end of their JUNIOR year and should enroll in one of the honors thesis courses.

Minor Requirements

The MENAS minor is for students who wish to achieve an understanding of the region’s history and culture, in addition to gaining insight into political, economic and social issues affecting the Middle East and North Africa.

It requires a minimum of 15 credit hours be chosen in consultation with and approved by the MENAS advisor.  Courses must focus on the modern Middle East/North Africa with no more than two courses on pre-modern topics.


  • AAPTIS 200: Introduction to World Religions: Near East

Required courses:

  • MENAS 493: MENAS Interdisciplinary Colloquium
  • 400-level history course
  • 400-level social science course