Louis Yen

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Associate Research Scientist

Division of Kinesiology
1027 East Huron

Phone: 734.647.2719

  • Affiliation(s)
    • Center for Japanese Studies
    • Health Management Research Center
    • School of Kinesiology
  • Fields of Study
    • Differences in Health Behaviors/Risks Between Japanese and American Middle-Aged Workers
  • About

    Trained as an exercise scientist, Dr. Yen received his undergraduate and graduate training in Beijing Sports University.  He completed both M.S. and Ph.D. degrees at the University of Michigan and has worked for the School of Kinesiology at Michigan since 1980.

    As the leading analyst in the UM-HMRC, Dr. Yen has engaged in the development of the relational databases and research models for the Integrated Health Management System.  This system, which is in use worldwide, has become an important tool for supporting decisions for organizational medical claim cost containment, productivity, and personal health management. His research on the economic value of personal health and health management programs has been well recognized in both the United States and China. Currently, he is on the editorial boards for the American Journal of Health Behavior and the Chinese Journal of Health Management.

  • Education
    • PhD, Movement Science, University of Michigan, 1990
    • MS, Physical Education, University of Michigan, 1982
  • Awards
    • Nomination of Research Scientist Recognition Award, 1997
    • The American Journal of Health Promotion: Robert F. Allen Scholarship, 1990
    • Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society, 1989
    • The Society of Prospective Medicine: Student Paper Award, 1986
    • The University of Michigan: Foreign Student Grant, 1981