Graduate Certificate

Graduate Certificate in European and European Union Studies (EEUS)

This is a curricular opportunity for graduate students interested in interdisciplinary research on modern Europe. This certificate is intended primarily for graduate-level students in LSA departments and professional schools as a means to acquire context-based expertise as well as formal recognition of this expertise on their U-M transcript.

The 9-12 credit-hour Graduate Certificate is structured with distinct social science and humanities tracks. The first, “Politics, Economy, and Society of Europe and the EU,” focuses on the EU and its policies; students can build an interdisciplinary curriculum by drawing on courses offered in political science, economics, law, and business. The second, “European Societies and Cultures,” emphasizes the historical, literary, and artistic traditions of Europe through courses in history, anthropology, comparative literature, and art history.

Overview of Requirements

The Graduate Certificate in European and European Union Studies (EEUS) has several components:

  • Participation in Core Proseminar in European Studies (EURO 600)
  • Distribution requirements, fulfilled by completing courses in at least two major disciplinary areas
  • A minimum of third-year competency in a language spoken in the European Union (other than English), as demonstrated by coursework (with a grade of B- or better in the final semester) or an examination administered by the relevant U-M language department.
  • Completion in a practicum (or an additional 3-credit course). Successful completion of a practicum experience might include fulfillment of an internship related to Europe or the European Union; training in a specific skill relevant to the student's professional interests; undertaking a focused research project in Europe or on a topic related to Europe (separate from U-M coursework); or intensive language study.
  • Participation in a research seminar leading to a final paper/project that must be approved by two faculty members.

Application Procedure

Any student with a bachelor’s degree who has been admitted to or is currently enrolled in a graduate or professional degree program at U-M is eligible to apply at any time for the Graduate Certificate program in EEUS. Applicants must submit the following: 

  • Rackham Dual Degree/Program Application;
  • Current U-M transcript and transcripts from any institution of higher education attended; and
  • Statement of purpose, which should outline why the applicant wishes to receive a certificate, and how it fits with his/her academic/professional plans and goals.

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Graduate Certificate students are encouraged to meet with the CES advisor at least once per year to evaluate progress toward the certificate. It is also important that the student’s home department or school is aware of his/her intent to pursue a certificate in EEUS. The student will be responsible for letting the departmental advisor know of such intent. 

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