Rules and Regulations

Safety First

Thank you for attending our Kite Festival! Our kite flying area at the Arb promotes ‘kite fun’ more than die-hard competition. Ferry Field (cross-country track) is our flat and open pre-flight/testing site. Kite flying is all about adapting to different conditions…so, we hope you have a great week-end trying these options—and continue to fly afterwards at open areas on campus and parks throughout MI.

A few basic all-purpose guidelines:

  1. Kite flying will happen rain or shine, unless there’s lightning.
  2. NOT ALLOWED: metallic or Kevlar line, or ‘mangia’ (glass shards) on your flying line.
  3. Line length is limited to no more than 100 feet for the ‘East Meets West’ Kite Festival.
  4. Please, do not fasten yourself to your kite line; it can lead to painful, serious injuries.
  5. Never over power yourself with a kite too large for wind conditions or fly a kite that you can't safely control.
  6. Never cut line and release a kite.
  7. What goes up might come CRASHING down. A loose winder being pulled across the field can hurt someone. Flying line lying on the ground is a hazard to people and animals.
  8. Please share the space and make all attempts to AVOID:
    - other people; power lines; electrical storms; trees; and obstacles like coolers, strollers, animals…
  9. Sunscreen is recommended.
  10. For afterwards, NEVER fly with your line across a road. If the kite comes down, you can cause a serious accident. Never fly near airports or high enough to reach airplanes.


Sunday, Sept. 25

Registration is on site.

All participants are welcome to fly.
Due to limitations on time, however, if a large number of kite flyers attend in any of the categories, judges may pre-select kites for flying.
Kites can be displayed on kite clothesline for judging.
Both visual aspects of design and flight, independently of each other, will be considered for prizes.
Pre-registration for teams is encouraged—just e-mail

Please note that the topography of the grounds is uneven, and by participating in the competition, you realize the hazards of outdoor running and the nature of kite flying (loose strings, lost kites…). “”Safety first” rules are posted on this site and will be available at the festival. By reading this and signing at registration, you will release the University of Michigan of any liability associated with the competition. Please also note that minors (under the age of 18) must have an adult sign the waiver at registration.

Thank you for making the day an awesome and memorable event!