Sunday, Sept 25 at Nichols Arboretum

U-M Nichols Arboretum, Main Valley
1610 Washington Heights, Ann Arbor

Master kite demonstrations, competitions & challenges, and community art table--with a garnishing of entertainment (Chinese ribbon dancing, yo-yo demos, lion dances, taiko drumming, and zithers)
Kite aficionados are invited to participate, bring their own self-crafted kites, and show off their competitive edge. No experience is necessary. Like flying in your backyard.

  • Flight to take place in Valley area of the Arb (see map). See Categories list for Prizes --have fun designing!

Why is Flying Better Later in the Day?

The sun heats up the earth which warms the air above the earth. As air warms, the air’s density decreases, and air rises. Warm air is replaced by cooler, denser air that flows in from the outside. Variation in wind currents is caused by variations in topography. Waiting for the best wind is like waiting for the perfect wave—it takes time and patience. Just have your i-pod at hand for the perfect moment.


  • 1:00pm Registration Opens - Main Valley
    Crafts Table Opens - Peony Garden
    Erhu Melodies – Main Valley
    Xiaodong Wei
  • 1:10pm Opening remarks
    Wang Zheng (Center for Chinese Studies)
    Joseph Lam (Confucius Institute)
  • 1:20pm Kite Master Ha: kite demo – Main Valley
  • 1:30pm Lion Dancing – Main Valley
    Chung’s School of Praying Mantis Kung Fu
  • 2:00pm Kite Master Sam Ritter: kite demo – Main Valley
  • 2:15pm U-M Student Kite Flying Competition
  • 2:30pm Ribbon Dancing – Open Area
    rXn Tradition
  • 2:30pm Street Percussion - Peony Garden
  • 3:00pm Erhu performance – Main Valley
    Xiaodong Wei
  • 3:15pm Taiko drummers – Main Valley
    Raion Taiko
  • 3:15pm Community Kite Flying Competition
  • 4:15pm “Dare to Fly” with Kite Master Ha – Prairie
    (weather and wind permitting)
  • 4:30pm Chinese Spinning Yo-Yos – Main Valley

Friday, Sept 23 at Ferry Field

U-M Ferry Field (outdoor track)
1150 S. State St., Ann Arbor
Demonstrations by master kite flyers; kite flyers showcase your skills and ask the experts. Bring your kites to Ferry. Kite lines not to exceed 100ft.
Chinese kite master Ha Yiqi and Michigan stunt flyer Sam Ritter will help you get your kites off the ground.

Wednesday, Sept 21st Hot Air Balloon Rides

4:00pm-8:00pm on North Campus, Parking Lot 48 (off Hayward).
Music, refreshments and a Conference Bike will be awesome activities to this unique campus experience! Don't miss it!!
For further information, contact University Unions, and check out the North Campus Events Schedule.
Inclement weather dates are 9/22 and 9/23.