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About Us

The University of Michigan’s Armenian Studies Program (ASP) promotes the study of the history, language, and culture of Armenia and Armenians and helps prepare the new generation of scholars in the field. ASP is built on the solid foundation of rigorous curriculum offered by the two endowed chairs in Armenian studies: The Alex Manoogian Chair in Modern Armenian History (1981) and the Marie Manoogian Chair in Armenian Language and Literature (1987). The University of Michigan offers an undergraduate major and minor in Armenian studies; MA and PhD degrees are offered through the University’s centers for regional studies and departments.

In addition, the program offers graduate student, post-doctoral, pre-doctoral and visiting scholar fellowships; graduate and undergraduate student research support; specialized symposia, workshops and conferences; and public lectures and outreach programs. Through its work in the United States and abroad, ASP strives to contribute to the scholarly analysis and understanding of the challenges the Armenian people have faced at home, in the Near East and the Caucasus, and in the Diaspora.


The ASP Director, together with the members of the Executive Committee and Steering Committee, determines annual programing (lecture series, workshops, distinguished lectures), sets and approves the annual budget, reviews applications for fellowships and summer awards, and in general directs programmatic, outreach, and development activities of the Armenian Studies Program to the interested academic, public, and non-profit communities.