ASP Meet and Greet, September 30 @ 4pm, 1636 SSWB

ASP Fall 2015 Events
Wishing Tree Ceremony during the Armenian Genocide Centennial Commemoration in Istanbul, April 2015

Kelsey diaries_slideimage

Kelsey diaries displayed at the Francis W. Kelsey Exhibit, January 2015

ASP reception_slideimage

ASP Fall Opening Reception

Babayan, Ruken, Pifer_slideimage

Ruken Sengul, 2014-15 Manoogian Post-doctoral Fellow, Kathryn Babayan, ASP director, and Michael Pifer, 2014-15 Manoogian Post-doctoral Fellow


Ronald Suny, Charles Tilly Professor of Social and Political History

ASP student_slideimage

ASP students and fellows at the ASP Fall Opening Lecture

Tanelia, Tumanyan, babayan_slideimage

Melanie Tanielian, Naira Tumanyan and Kathryn Babayan


Ruken Sengul, 2014-15 Manoogian Post-doctoral Fellow

ASP graduates

ASP graduate students and participants of the workshop “From Armenian Genocide to the Holocaust: The Foundations of Modern Human Rights,” April 2015

Taner Akçam

Taner Akçam delivering 2015 Dr. Berj H. Haidostian Annual Distinguished Lecture

The University of Michigan’s Armenian Studies Program promotes the study of the history, language, and culture of Armenia and Armenians and helps prepare a new generation of scholars in the field. Through its work in the United States and abroad, the program strives to contribute to the scholarly analysis and understanding of the challenges the Armenian people have faced at home and in the Diaspora; ASP adds a comprehensive program to the rigorous curriculum offered by the two endowed chairs in Armenian studies. More

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