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Jackson Tamba

Asst Professor and Chair, University of Liberia, Liberia

  • About

    Jackson Tamba, Sr. has worked for several years, in the fields of telecommunications and electrical and broadcast engineering. He worked primarily in West Africa, particularly in Liberia and the Republic of Guinea as chief engineer, consultant engineer, technical advisor and instructor.

    Jackson’s MSc thesis on energy science and engineering has formed the basis for PhD research on issues of renewable energy technology and nanotechnology.  Tamba is currently writing a research paper on the relevance of renewable energy as a long term energy solution for Africa. He is the author of many articles and newsletters on electricity, electronics, renewable energy, electromagnetic field theory, radio and TV transmitters.

    MENTOR:  Herbert Winful; College of Engineering

  • Education
    • Msc. Electrical Engineering, Graduate Diploma in International Relations and Diplomacy
  • Country
    • Liberia