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Adolphus Nippae

Instructor II, University of Liberia, Liberia

  • About

    Adolphus Nippae’s research interests are in the areas of Renewable Energy (Small Hydropower) & Electronic Engineering (Radio Frequency devices and Microwave circuits). His current research at the University of Michigan is “Class J Radio Frequency Power Amplifier (RFPA) at High Frequency and Microwave Filters Design”. The Class J RFPA is an emerging class of wideband RF power amplifier obtained by considering only the fundamental the second harmonic components of its drain voltage and drain current components; it has maximum drain efficiency of 78% similar to that of the traditional Class B RFPA.

    While at U-M, Adolphus plans to attain advance design approaches on RFPAs and Microwaves filters for teaching application at the University of Liberia and will enable him form part of the emerging Class J RFPA and Microwave filters design space.

    MENTOR: Amir Mortazawi, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

  • Education
    • B.Sc., Electrical Engineering
    • Certificates, Small Hydropower Development & Technologies
    • M.Sc., Electronic Engineering
  • Country
    • Liberia