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Christopher Muhoozi

Assistant Lecturer, Makerere University, Uganda

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    Christopher Muhoozi’s doctoral research is on pre-colonial and colonial history of the interlacustrine region in East Africa. His current focus is on Ankole in western Uganda. His research topic, “Negotiating Politics in Social Spaces in pre-colonial and colonial Ankole, Western Uganda”, explores the role of leisure spaces in the reproduction of political power. The research traces the changing role of these leisure spaces through the colonial period.

    Christopher teaches courses on the political history of Uganda and West African history. His research interests include power and politics in pre-colonial African societies; social change; and conflict, its trajectory and management in colonial and post-colonial Africa. His M.A. research was on migration and socioeconomic transformation in Ankole, Western Uganda 1901-1987.

    MENTOR: Derek Peterson, Department of History & Department for Afroamerican and African Studies:  

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    • M.A. History
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    • Uganda