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Abraham Yeboah Mensah

Senior Lecturer, College of Health Sciences-KNUST, Ghana

  • About

    Abraham Mensah’s research interest is natural products with biological activity and Phytochemistry. He attempts to find scientific justification for the folkloric uses of several medicinal plants in the management of infections and the treatment of wounds. His work centers on the antimicrobial activity of local indigenous Ghanaian and attempts to identify isolate and characterize bioactive compounds present in these plants using various chromatographic and spectroscopic methods.

    Abraham is currently the chairman of the academic, social and research wing of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana (PSGh.) and a member of several organizations including the governing board of the PSGh. and editorial board of the Journal of Phytology. He is also a reviewer for several journals including the Journal of Science & Technology.

    MENTOR: David Sherman, Chemistry, Microbiology and Immunology


  • Education
    • BPharm. and PhD (Pharmacy, Pharmacognosy)
  • Country
    • Ghana