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Alatinga Kennedy

University of Michigan African Presidential Scholar, 2013-14

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    Kennedy is a Ph.D. Candidate and Lecturer in the Department of Community Development, Faculty of Planning and Land Management at the University for  Development Studies, Ghana. He received his M.P.A in Public Administration at the University of the Western Cape and an M.A. in Development Management at Ruhr University-Bochum in Germany. Kennedy specializes in health financing, public policy and governance, and poverty research. His current research is entitled “Health Insurance Policy in Ghana: the Challenge of Identifying and Including the Poor.” The goal of this project is to develop a model for the identification of the poor for health insurance premium exemptions in Ghana. Kennedy will be working with Dr. Dean Yang, who is Associate Professor of Economics in the Ford School of Public Policy. He holds the distinction of being the first UMAPS scholar from the University for Development Studies and plans to use his six-month stay at the U of M to complete the research and writing of his Ph.D. thesis.